ObituarySorrowful memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group

The Lee Kum Kee family issued an obituary. The Chairman of the Lee Kum Kee Group, Mr. Lee Man Tat, passed away peacefully on July 26, 2021. Astonished to hear this news, all Infinitus staff and sales partners expressed deep sorrow and condolences. Let us cherish the memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat and express our deepest grief. The announcement of the obituary is as follows:


In Memory of Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman Mr. Lee Man Tat

It is with profound sorrow that the Lee Kum Kee Family announces the passing of Mr. Lee Man Tat. He died peacefully on July 26, 2021 accompanied by his family members, at the age of 91.

Mr. Lee was an inspirational leader with a unique and forward-looking version. He constantly brought new insight and momentum to the Group and successfully transformed Lee Kum Kee into a world-renowned sauce and condiment brand. He was committed to promoting Chinese culinary and health regimen and diversified the Group into a sustainable enterprise.

He will always be deeply remembered by everyone for his legacy in constant entrepreneurship and perseverance to defy any limitations.

Infinitus Celebrates Grand Opening of Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza - Infinitus 無限極

Infinitus Celebrates Grand Opening of Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza


On the morning of 9 November 2021, Infinitus grandly hosted its Opening Ceremony of the Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza! After 5 years of construction, with a total investment of RMB 4.5 billion, the 185,470-square meter plaza is finally complete. Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza was designed by Ms. Zaha Hadid, the first female winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. She is also known as “the Queen of the Curve”. Ms. Hadid and her team’s design of the plaza combines advanced technology with environmental conservation, while integrating the Si Li Ji Ren corporate culture of Infinitus, which means to consider everyone’s interest before taking actions.

At the ceremony, Mr. Sammy Lee gave a speech on behalf of the company, “Infinitus started at an old building in the First Military Medical University. We have come a long way to be here today, in this stylish and modern smart structure of the Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza. The transformation of our workplace witnesses the development of Infinitus, starting from zero, then progressing and expanding. This Infinitus Plaza is built in a shape of (infinity symbol). To me, it represents the endless extension of our original vision. Infinitus is highly confident about the future development of the company. Our commitment to the company mission and vision will not change. Our courage to embrace changes in the market, and to continuously innovate, will not be shaken.”

Taking this great opportunity, Infinitus also celebrated the relocation of its headquarters, and the grand opening of the Global Research Centre. At the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Lam Yu gave a speech, “Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza is a new landmark, and will be the new workplace for Infinitus Global. It is also a historical milestone, embarking us on a new journey of infinite possibilities. In future, Infinitus will continue to advocate Chinese wellness traditions, by actively rejuvenating the craftsmanship approach with the application of technology. We shall endeavor to create more wonderful product experience, as we always did. Adhering to our “Constant Entrepreneurship” spirit, Infinitus will constantly evolve, distinctly presenting a brand new image to the public.”

Researcher Mr. Qingping Wu extended his warm congratulations on the completion and opening of the Global Research Centre. He then shared his experience of the scientific collaboration with Infinitus. “During the collaboration with Infinitus, I truly felt Infinitus’ commitment to corporate social responsibility. They believe in technology and innovation, and highly focus on researching and developing proprietary techniques and core technology. When it comes to product research and development, they apply scientific methodology, and are very rigorous throughout the entire process. Product quality is of utmost importance to Infinitus. We worked closely together and did massive research, in order to identify food safety risks, implement procedures for quality assurance, and trace sources of the raw ingredients. This diligent aspiration of quality sets a very good example for the industry.”

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Sammy Lee, Mr. Lam Yu, Mr. Jianhua Chen, Mr. Donghua Yuan, Mr. Qingping Wu, Professor Xinlu Wang and Professor Mouming Zhao jointly announced the official relocation of the Infinitus Global headquarters, and the grand opening of the Global Research Centre. This represents the headquarters of Infinitus Global, the Global Research Centre and the Global Customer Experience Centre are officially open in the plaza.

Infinitus is proud to announce the official completion and opening of the Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza. This new landmark will lead Infinitus to enter a bright and successful future. The new plaza enhances the company image and brand reputation, while supporting the commercial development in the Greater Bay Area, and providing our sales partners with access to a successful career. As Mr. Sammy Lee said, the “∞” of the building complex represents the infinite possibilities. The symbol also visualizes Infinitus confidence about the future of the health and wellness industry, and its determination to sustain its success in China, while continuously expanding in the global market! Following the new economic trend in China, Infinitus will further advocate Chinese wellness traditions, to provide greater value for the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the health and wellness industry!

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