ObituarySorrowful memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group

The Lee Kum Kee family issued an obituary. The Chairman of the Lee Kum Kee Group, Mr. Lee Man Tat, passed away peacefully on July 26, 2021. Astonished to hear this news, all Infinitus staff and sales partners expressed deep sorrow and condolences. Let us cherish the memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat and express our deepest grief. The announcement of the obituary is as follows:


In Memory of Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman Mr. Lee Man Tat

It is with profound sorrow that the Lee Kum Kee Family announces the passing of Mr. Lee Man Tat. He died peacefully on July 26, 2021 accompanied by his family members, at the age of 91.

Mr. Lee was an inspirational leader with a unique and forward-looking version. He constantly brought new insight and momentum to the Group and successfully transformed Lee Kum Kee into a world-renowned sauce and condiment brand. He was committed to promoting Chinese culinary and health regimen and diversified the Group into a sustainable enterprise.

He will always be deeply remembered by everyone for his legacy in constant entrepreneurship and perseverance to defy any limitations.

Infinitus Overseas Market Organizes an Inspiring and Successful 2022 New Year Celebration - Infinitus 無限極

Infinitus Overseas Market Organizes an Inspiring and Successful 2022 New Year Celebration




On January 9th 2022, the Infinitus Overseas Market New Year Celebration with the theme “Make Our Future, Now” was grandly held. Administrative guests including Mr. Lam Yu, CEO of Infinitus Global, Vice Chairman of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.; Mr. Lucas Xue, Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.; Mr. Jacky Tang, Director of Global Center for Scientific Research; and Mr. Bill Song, Infinitus Overseas Market Director, all joined the celebration via live broadcast and video.

The pandemic did not stop the passion of our sales partners. This year, Infinitus organized the global live broadcast of the New Year Celebration, and invited over 1,600 sales partners, customers and friends across various regions to watch and celebrate the festive season of new year, which included Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Korea, Australia and Russia.

To acknowledge and reward sales partners for their hard work, 139 sales partners were recognized during the celebration. 6 awards were presented. 32 sales partners received the Sharing Master Award, 88 sales partners received the Steady Progress Award, 8 sales partners received the Sales Growth Award, 5 sales partners received the Supervisor Coaching Award, 5 sales partners received the New Sales Manager Award, and 1 sales partner received the New Sales Director Award. Sales partners across various regions also recorded videos of their genuine sharing about their experience with Infinitus, encouraging everyone to stay innovative, go beyond the best version of themselves and be the source of personal breakthroughs.

During the celebration, 4 Infinitus Chief Sales Directors, Ms. Sheila Peng, Ms. Chen Hua, Mr. Zhang Peiyu and Ms. Liu Xijie along with Infinitus Region Management Director Mr. Sam Li, and Infinitus Overseas Market Director Mr. Bill Song sent their heartfelt wishes and invigorating words in videos, encouraging all the sales partners to create an amazing future!

Mr. Bill Song announced numerous powerful marketing initiatives for the Overseas Market development in 2022. By facilitating precise and highly effective sales activities, and continuously transforming the business model with innovation, sales partners will be provided sufficient support. A positive business outlook awaits!

Mr. Jacky Tang shared valuable information about the product power of Infinitus, how the products help improve quality of life. He also shared the scientific research efforts of Infinitus, which will provide cross-product and cross-brand health solutions in the market.

Mr. Lucas Xue shared the key to seizing the opportunities at the present, which is to clearly identify the megatrend. He encouraged everyone to take actions with velocity for a fabulous future. “You can get to the peak only if you are willing to climb the mountain. Take action now, and you will create infinite glory in life,” Mr. Lucas Xue added.

Mr. Lam Yu also sent us thrilling congratulations through a video, for the sales growth of the Overseas Market, the innovative cross-border e-commerce model, and the first promoted Chief Sales Director in the Overseas Market. Mr. Lam Yu extended gratitude to sales partners and administrative staff for their diligent efforts, and also shared his insight about future trend, including health and wellness, gig economy, commercial digitization and online integration. With the encouraging and insightful words, everyone felt encouraged, confident, and were ready for future challenges and opportunities. In 2022, the company will continue to transform and arise, leverage the global trend!

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, especially now, with all the uncertainties around us.”  Let’s remember our dreams and remain hopeful, while being prepared for a long battle. A seed can grow in spring, only if we do proper preparation and protection during winter. It is the hard work we do to prepare, that will lead to a great harvest.

The 2022 Infinitus Overseas Market New Year Celebration has brought confidence to all sales partners. At the same time, sales partners are encouraged to promote the brand internationally by using a transparent, innovative and diversified way, in order to share our Chinese herbal health products to all over the world. Let us walk hand in hand toward the same direction, and create a brighter future together! We will continue to advocate the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions, and create a healthy life of balance, abundance and harmony for more people!

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