ObituarySorrowful memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group

The Lee Kum Kee family issued an obituary. The Chairman of the Lee Kum Kee Group, Mr. Lee Man Tat, passed away peacefully on July 26, 2021. Astonished to hear this news, all Infinitus staff and sales partners expressed deep sorrow and condolences. Let us cherish the memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat and express our deepest grief. The announcement of the obituary is as follows:


In Memory of Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman Mr. Lee Man Tat

It is with profound sorrow that the Lee Kum Kee Family announces the passing of Mr. Lee Man Tat. He died peacefully on July 26, 2021 accompanied by his family members, at the age of 91.

Mr. Lee was an inspirational leader with a unique and forward-looking version. He constantly brought new insight and momentum to the Group and successfully transformed Lee Kum Kee into a world-renowned sauce and condiment brand. He was committed to promoting Chinese culinary and health regimen and diversified the Group into a sustainable enterprise.

He will always be deeply remembered by everyone for his legacy in constant entrepreneurship and perseverance to defy any limitations.

Quality and Safety - Infinitus 無限極

Quality and Safety

“100-1=0” is our quality management principle. From sourcing ingredients to finishing the final products, we have zero-tolerance for any errors or flaws throughout the entire production process. We provide seamless services and ensure our products to fulfill international quality and safety standards.

Manufacturing Journey

Infinitus has developed its proprietary Traditional Chinese Medicine Plantation Management Model to diligently monitor the source of our Chinese herbs. The status of our products can be tracked throughout each manufacturing stage, ensuring safety, quality and efficacy.



Authentic Source

Infinitus believes that only herbs from verified origins can reach high quality and efficacy.

To ensure herbs receive nourishment from a clean environment, we have spent years searching for suitable growing areas and have set up standard plantation bases.

Infinitus’ authentic goji berries are nourished from:

Tibetan Plateau average altitude of 4,500m

Soil of Golmud in Qinghai

Snow water of the Kunlun Mountains

Fresh air




Ingenuity of cultivating and harvesting

Thanks to the tireless efforts of experienced local growers who possess knowledge passed down through generations, all our herbs are carefully cultivated with traditional methods and wisdom.

After the Red Lingzhi is picked, it has to go through:

24-hour golden time drying process

3 rounds of selection



When ancient wisdom meets modern science

Inheriting the Chinese wisdom with a history of 5,000 years, Infinitus reinterprets and adapts the traditional wellness philosophy for modern application to address the health needs in modern days. We continue to collaborate with the top scientists around the world to proactively develop more high-quality health products. Today, we have applied almost 1,000 patents worldwide, and have been recognized with numerous awards for our outstanding product quality.

Cooperating with:



Superior quality with international quality and safety standards

Our products are manufactured in two separate production bases, located in Southern and Northern China respectively. A professional independent production inspection centre is located in each of the production bases to ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of our products.

The Infinitus’ Royal Lingzhi Plus:

1,342 items inspections are conducted for pesticide residues/ heavy metals/ microorganism/ nutrients



Enjoy high-quality and safe products

At Infinitus, the safety of our products for you is essential. Infinitus Chinese herbal health products meet the international quality and safety standards utilized in different markets.

Various products granted Monde Selection awards


Our Production Bases

Our Production Bases

Committed to Safety​

Infinitus owns two separate production bases in Xinhua and Yingkou in mainland China with a total area of over 550,000 m². Both of our production bases have earned numerous international production certifications, including: ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000:V3, HACCP, ISO22716:2007(E)/GMPC(US)2008.

Both production bases have a professional independent production inspection centre respectively, certified by China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), with independent, reliable and authentic test results. Our inspection centres have also passed the British Proficiency Test of Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme (FAPAS) on Heavy Metals and the Germany DRRR Proficiency Testing. Moreover, the Product Inspection Centre of Infinitus Xinhui Production Base participated and passed the LGC (Laboratory of the Government Chemist) international verification in the United Kingdom.

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【Nurture immunity】

Developed based on the foundation of Chinese wisdom in health and well-being, Infinitus specially selects authentic ingredients and combines them with modern technology. We endeavour to provide you with high-quality Chinese herbal health products, supporting you in having a healthy life.


【Make your life healthy and comfortable starting from today】

Utilizing modern technology, Benelife applies the Chinese wisdom of health and well-being to everyday life. It supports you and your family in acquiring sustainable health and quality life by improving the diet, lifestyle, exercise and emotional stability.


【Let's have a home that always looks new and natural!】

Believing in the natural cleaning power, Homemate is formulated with natural herbal essence. The application of modern technology optimizes the cleaning power of the plants. Homemate supports you to clean anything at home easily. Enjoy a clean and cosy home with lots of love!


【Natural and refreshing, people are attracted to you】

Sourced from natural ingredients, Phytocare is formulated with natural phyto-factor, phyto-glycoside, and other natural nourishing essence. It is natural, mild and non-irritating. Phytocare caters your need in personal care, leaving you refreshed and clean every day.


【Pamper yourself with natural power】

Utilizing power from our mother nature, Vitabelle combines that with advanced extraction techniques. The essence is extracted from natural ingredients with optimized nutrients, providing the skin with natural and long-lasting nourishment.


【Amplify Beauty Over Time】

Beautrio combines Chinese medicinal wisdom with modern technology. Ingredients are rigorously selected and sourced from around the world, providing customers with high-quality options and access to self confidence. By using Beautrio, you can embrace time and age gracefully.


"Live a healthier life"

Infinitus high quality Chinese herbal health products bring ancient wisdom and scientific breakthroughs together, to help you live a healthier life.