ObituarySorrowful memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group

The Lee Kum Kee family issued an obituary. The Chairman of the Lee Kum Kee Group, Mr. Lee Man Tat, passed away peacefully on July 26, 2021. Astonished to hear this news, all Infinitus staff and sales partners expressed deep sorrow and condolences. Let us cherish the memory of Mr. Lee Man Tat and express our deepest grief. The announcement of the obituary is as follows:


In Memory of Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman Mr. Lee Man Tat

It is with profound sorrow that the Lee Kum Kee Family announces the passing of Mr. Lee Man Tat. He died peacefully on July 26, 2021 accompanied by his family members, at the age of 91.

Mr. Lee was an inspirational leader with a unique and forward-looking version. He constantly brought new insight and momentum to the Group and successfully transformed Lee Kum Kee into a world-renowned sauce and condiment brand. He was committed to promoting Chinese culinary and health regimen and diversified the Group into a sustainable enterprise.

He will always be deeply remembered by everyone for his legacy in constant entrepreneurship and perseverance to defy any limitations.

Health Concept - Infinitus 無限極

A Modern Approach To Ancient Wisdom

Based on the Chinese wellness culture rooted in a few thousand years of ancient wisdom, Infinitus has developed a unique health concept that works for today’s conditions.


Nourish from Within - Get a Healthy Life

Nourish from within: Originating from the ancient Chinese health principle of “Supporting the Vital Energy and Strengthening the Health Fundamentals”, this holistic approach emphasizes the nourishment of life and growth to establish a solid foundation for vitality. A robust health foundation is essential to truly sustaining good health.

Get a Healthy Life: Our ultimate goal is to support the general public in achieving a healthy life. Infinitus advocates for a “Healthy Life” that emphasizes both physical health and happiness through the principle of “Supporting the Vital Energy and Strengthening the Health Fundamentals”. By doing so, one can achieve a balanced and fulfilling life of optimal health, quality family time, and career development.

3 Restorations & 4 Habits

"Optimizing Qi (Vital Energy)" is the foundation of good health

“Qi” refers to the body’s ability to adapt to the environment, resist diseases, and self-recover. According to Huangdi Neijing (a.k.a. Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor), “The body shall not succumb to external pathogens if there is a healthy level of Qi. Conversely, the occurrence of diseases or suboptimal health indicates a deficiency in Qi. “By maintaining Qi at an optimized level, one can minimize the likelihood of diseases, and accelerate the recovery process in case of illnesses.


"Balancing Yin and Yang" is essential to good health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang are opposing yet interdependent forces that define the system of life, health, and disease. According to Huangdi Neijing, “The root of life lies in the balance of Yin and Yang – one’s mind and spirit are well-regulated when the balance between Yin and Yang is maintained.” Simply put, Yin and Yang are the foundation of life, and only when they are properly balanced can vitality be sustained. Any imbalance between Yin and Yang can cause chaos within the body and lead to illnesses. Maintaining this balance helps regulate body temperature, energy level, and overall health.


"Regulating Zang-Fu (the System of Internal Organs)" is the foundation of good health

Zang-Fu refers to the internal organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to TCM, only when each organ is functioning properly in its entirety, can the body’s system operate normally. Huangdi Neijing states, “The five primary organs defend for the central system. Life sustains when the defence works. If not, death will ensue.” In other words, the five primary organs are essential for life, while their dysfunction will result in illnesses. By regulating Zang-Fu and maintaining proper organ functions, the organs can operate normally with one another, leading to a healthy life free from illnesses.


Abstinent Diet

It refers to the practice of consuming a balanced diet with a mix of meat and vegetables, and eating seasonal foods on a regular schedule. It also involves moderate portion and temperature for each consumption. One should avoid overeating, extreme temperatures, and rapid alternation between hot and cold foods. In essence, an abstinent diet should adhere to three primary principles: reasonable combination of foods, regular eating schedule and portion control, and appropriate temperature for food consumption.

Regular Rest Schedule

This principle involves maintaining a balanced activity and rest routine that aligns with the seasonal environment, and adhering to a regular sleep schedule. In short, the three ground rules include having proper sleep, well combined activity and rest, and regular routine.


Appropriate Exercise

This principle highlights the significance of exercise and the need to select a suitable exercise regimen that is not too strenuous. It is essential to be consistent and persistent in exercising. Three critical elements of healthy exercise include active performance, personalized routine, and regularity.

Peaceful Mind

This principle highlights the significance of mental well-being and encourages individuals to maintain a positive attitude. It is crucial to avoid extreme emotional states, such as excessive joy, sadness, or anger, and cultivate healthy interests and hobbies while building meaningful and peaceful interpersonal relationships. Overall, the three fundamental principles to abide by include positive mindset, calm temperament, and emotional balance.



Healthy life is an essential part of Infinitus health concepts, and also an inevitable result when our corporate mission is accomplished. A happy and fulfilling life can be achieved by balance, abundance and harmony: balance between health, family and career; abundance of time, wealth and spirit; harmony among individuals, groups and within society.



– Health
Health is the pillar of life. With health, family and career will have a solid for development.

– Family
Family is the home of life. With family, health and career will have a strong support system.

– Career
Career is the value of life. With a career, family and health can be firmly supported.


Time abundance: Have plenty of time to do what you like.

Wealth abundance: Have independent wealth to secure yourself and help others.

Spiritual abundance: Have clear sense of worth and goals to pursuit in life.




Individual value can only be achieved in groups; groups can only grow in strength following the development of the society; the development of the society cannot be without the contributions of individuals and collectives.

Common development can only be achieved with the harmony of individuals, groups and society.

Individuals must carry forward the spirit of team work and take social responsibility in order to achieve a healthy life.


Learn more about Infinitus' culture

Nourish from Within, Get a Healthy Life

The book has been widely recognized by numerous industry experts, and was acclaimed as one of the “Top Ten Health Books in 2012”. Authored by Professor Xin-Lu Wang, Honorary President, Professor and Doctoral Advisor of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the book has recorded sales of over 200,000 copies. In addition, Professor Wang is the Chief Healthcare Scientific Specialist and Vice President of China Association of Chinese Medicine, and also one of the first National Acclaimed TCM Doctors. The book discusses the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Qi, Yin Yang and Zangfu, from perspectives of diet, rest schedule, exercise and emotional stability. The profound theories were explained thoroughly in simple language for readers to easily understand the origin, basic principles and common myths about Yang Sheng philosophy. Readers can learn simple skills and techniques to examine and nurture one’s health condition.


Infinitus Yang Sheng Exercise

The Infinitus Yang Sheng Exercise originates from Taichi. The routine combines modern workout concepts with Infinitus health concepts. It emphasizes on the coordination between physical postures, mental state and breathing techniques, resulting an overall alignment of movements. Designed with background music, the exercise routine helps release emotional tensions, further optimising the overall health benefits.

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Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre


【Nurture immunity】

Developed based on the foundation of Chinese wisdom in health and well-being, Infinitus specially selects authentic ingredients and combines them with modern technology. We endeavour to provide you with high-quality Chinese herbal health products, supporting you in having a healthy life.

Hoffmann Infinitus Program


【Make your life healthy and comfortable starting from today】

Utilizing modern technology, Benelife applies the Chinese wisdom of health and well-being to everyday life. It supports you and your family in acquiring sustainable health and quality life by improving the diet, lifestyle, exercise and emotional stability.


【Let's have a home that always looks new and natural!】

Believing in the natural cleaning power, Homemate is formulated with natural herbal essence. The application of modern technology optimizes the cleaning power of the plants. Homemate supports you to clean anything at home easily. Enjoy a clean and cosy home with lots of love!


【Natural and refreshing, people are attracted to you】

Sourced from natural ingredients, Phytocare is formulated with natural phyto-factor, phyto-glycoside, and other natural nourishing essence. It is natural, mild and non-irritating. Phytocare caters your need in personal care, leaving you refreshed and clean every day.


【Pamper yourself with natural power】

Utilizing power from our mother nature, Vitabelle combines that with advanced extraction techniques. The essence is extracted from natural ingredients with optimized nutrients, providing the skin with natural and long-lasting nourishment.


【Amplify Beauty Over Time】

Beautrio combines Chinese medicinal wisdom with modern technology. Ingredients are rigorously selected and sourced from around the world, providing customers with high-quality options and access to self confidence. By using Beautrio, you can embrace time and age gracefully.


"Live a healthier life"

Infinitus high quality Chinese herbal health products bring ancient wisdom and scientific breakthroughs together, to help you live a healthier life.